24.Betsy Moser(non-registered)
Deb, Your photos are beyond amazing. You capture the true essence of nature with a clarity of lighting and feeling. Very emotional.
Deb, my husband and I have been admiring your work that is hanging in the Super Mini Walnut. Your passion and eye for nature is incredible. We love how you have captured the beauty and awesomeness of Mother Nature. Your pictures moved us. Thank you.
Deb, i've just been looking through to see which one i want to buy and there's just so many AMAZING ones - all of them are just spectacular. You are so talented and your photos portray such amazing emotion. I love them!!
Hey Deb, I just read your words " ... I find so much joy in watching the light and how it interacts with the landscape. I not only try to reproduce what my eyes see at the time but also convey what I felt. I consider my photograph a success when the viewer is not only seeing but feeling as well". This is precisely my intent and my joy when people are emotionally moved by my music. This creative facilitation of 'felt meaning' is precious, I believe, in our very disconnected world. Love to you ... Jules
Wow, just wow is what I can describe about the work that you do. I hope that you know you’re extremely good at what you’re doing. If you can it would be nice to have some tutorials on YouTube by you from which we could learn. http://www.microsoftsecurityhelp.com
Beautiful monochromes Deb, Ansel would have been proud!
Your photos are as gorgeous as you, my love.
Love it lovee! luv Gary
Mmmmmmm. Thank you.
What you see and how you express that image is truly extraordinary!! Wonderful to have the opportunity to witness and feel moved!! There is so much heart in your work! Bravo and kudos!
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